Grocery chains limit meat purchases to prevent hoarding


The ongoing pandemic has touched nearly all aspects of our lives including our food chain meat. Production is down substantially due to corona virus processing plants leading to growing concern over the nation's supply consumer reports just published information on where to get meet during this pandemic so joining us now is consumer reports investigative reporter. Rachel Peach Men Rachel. Thanks for being with us and so when we talk about the vulnerability of the meat supply chain. What does this mean for consumers? What can we expect to see? And at the Grocery Stores Short will consumers are experiencing limits on their meat purchasing options and perhaps some increases in price. Simply because there's a bottleneck at the meat processing plants where there have been severe. Cova nineteen outbreaks so while there is plenty of meat on the farm. Animals are there. There's this bottleneck at the processing plants. That isn't helping us get the meat to the grocery stores where people are trying to buy it now. Rachel we've heard a lot about beef. Being one of those meets specifically that may be difficult to find all meat products be affected at this point. All meat products seemed to be affected. Production in general of me is down about thirty five percent right now but I want to make clear that we also have supply in cold storage at this point. We've got hundreds of millions of pounds of pork poultry and beef. So it's not that won't be able to get any meat. It's just that your options may be limited all right and you have to limit how much you actually bring home to from the grocery store. How long do you foresee this meat? Supply being impacted like this. Well it really depends on what happens at the meat processing plants. Most important is to keep the workers. They're safe and healthy. If the meat processing plants don't have safety protocols in place then the meat production could slow even further so it's most important to open up safely and scale up in a way that allows workers to stay safe and produce meat and in a way that keeps production going. So it's hard to say how long this will last. But government officials are working. Very hard to divert supply places that need it so for example where there is excess on the farm or perhaps waste on the farm. They are working to divert that to food banks and nutrition assistant programs and consumers that that need that all right. How about just giving us some quick tips for those of us who may be having a hard time finding meet at the supermarket. I know it can vary. Based on the day of the week I go to the supermarket. What can we do as consumers absolutely well? This'll be a great time to seek out your local farmer. Smaller local farmers have been able to be really resilience and pivot and instead of selling wholesale to restaurants or other bigger institutions. They are now offering options to consumers. So you might want to look at the national

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