Morons: Call him the Bobcat bandit!



All right. Let's go to today's more on day out of Santa Fe New Mexico police. There are searching for suspects. Lead officers on a low speed chase and Santa Fe while Bob Cat tractor. The Bob Cap bandit was in the evening. Took them on a five mile? An hour chase through town repeatedly ignoring commands to stop the Bob Cat and eventually plowed his way from garb wire fled into a field on put and disappeared got away. How is that loss? And this is the rarest thing more on news because he did something illegal while doing something illegal and then he took off on foot and got away and I'm pretty sure we've never had that combination know. I guess if it's a even that he's going five miles an hour but those those sticks they throw down probably wouldn't work with a Bob test tires right. Well he took that stolen Bob cat right through the barbed

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