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Only you know relationship in the House. And it. It comes with scrutiny. Everyone feels like they're a detective you know they've got an opinion and you just kind of have to take in stride and you know. Sometimes they're right sometimes. They're horribly wrong. We're talking to KYLE COOK AND CRAWL. Radke from Summer House on Bravo. Finale is tonight. I don't know what I'm GONNA do without the show and it goes away because it's just been it's been great. It's been great entertainment now. Just a couple of questions about what's going on in the world down. How it pertains to you guys. I guess the the first off is kyle. Do you know if filming is scheduled for this summer. Coming up how that going to be handled. I think we're in a unique spot if if need be it turns from Summer House to the Quarantine. House followed a quarantine. How's it going to kill him right every every man for himself? I think Bravo doesn't give us the green light you know until they've done their homework and you know there's always some potential new friends that might come into the house you know to make things up So we don't have any official word on that but I think we're all optimistic. You know a quarantine house. Isn't that far off from the Summer House? Tickly if everybody's working remotely Bob. This'll be interesting. So call your real life Carl. I've been you're a good dude. You sound like you're you're you're you're obviously laughing at some of the comments that I'm making which I do appreciate it. I know you're Pittsburgh Guy. You're a Pittsburgh Guy Right. Yeah so your your heart and soul guy get it and you like look you're star. You're you're a reality star. There's no question about it but in your real life. When you're not doing that what are you doing? And how do the people in your real life? How have they changed towards you? I mean I've I've done. Obviously I'm helping out of power. Loverboy sales background lend itself pretty. Well I've done some investments and stuff but I do think jack-of-all-trades but I mean I think you know it's hard as you know when partying kind of heightened version of Carl and then there's kind of like the day to day Carl but for the most part I'm still kind of this outgoing extroverted Kind of goofy fun person So I want to extend an invite to the summer house this summer. If if we do the film and here you're out in the HAMPTONS. A lot has all of that best. Carl hanging out and run around surf perfect while.

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