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NFL Week One Lines & Jeff Blake (Ep. 820)


To go. He's one of those guys will get penetration but we gotta talk about the NFL schedule at dropped tonight as we're taping this. Everyone was leaking out. Different things some of the some of the schedule leaks were wrong. We really should just start our own. And and there's no repercussions if you leak. The wrong thing Clayton used to be a reliable guy. I feel like you know what I'm John. Clayton with the Big Snafu saying all the AFC teams will play the NFC teams for the first four weeks of the season. You get to see the schedule. Of course that's not the case who who's giving them their bed until that's what I wanNA know then. Everyone Adam Schefter at tweet like they're doing a three hour release show and it'll bring hope and everyone got really mad with you. I like that. He said bring hope because a lot of these like what you need that to bring. Hope yes I do. I need to think about football. Okay portions of my day where I'm not in a good mood. I'm not happy if you have ever Shitty job you know. What keeps you going? You know it makes you feel good knowing that there's going to be football on Sunday and knowing what the schedule's going to be already you see the sixteen games okay. Are they twelve and four? Will they be eleven and five seven nine if they have a catastrophic injury? Let me daydream. Let me think about the future. That's the definition of hope. I feel like seismic painted a picture saying like look we all had this this virus come and fuck up our lives right and he's like in the. Nfl IS GONNA lead us back. You know what I mean. So who better than the National Football League to say? You know what we're not going to give you an altered schedule maybe we'll change but we're the NFL. Hey we're not really up for changing things. If anything they hold onto things for way too long much Joe Sizon held onto the one bar face facemask stubbornly. I'M NOT GONNA change just for my own personal health and the NFL has the same exactly exactly and for that. I bumped no more no more brady talk. It's thighs men. Brady talk if you if you offered me games opening tickets to opening night. Nfl I'd be there one hundred percent chance. I wear a mask I was telling my buddy adjusted short tank invention come up with a mask that also incorporates a straw so guys can go to the Games and still get drunk as fuck without taking their mask off. I think I'm presenting that to you. This is a million dollar idea. There Brandon of course with team logos maybe a little S. GP. In there and speaking of which we got her own SGP masks go to sports given PODCASTS DOT com slash merge you can grab a mask any proceeds that we get from the mass. Go to charity if you go to a raiders. Game You'RE GONNA be wearing a mask anyway right. I mean yeah. But that's like rod the liquor store on the on the way to the game. Grab grab some chips. The craps table make run for the stadium. Let's get to it. Let's highlight some of the interesting stuff in the two thousand twenty. Nfl schedule. But before.

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