S06 E03 ROSE MCGOWAN - burst 08

Allegedly NYC


Name them and trump right except for. My Dad was in in the middle of hurry because picked out of going to be at Phnom. Because he's like I will not kill another race for this country. He was super anti-government. And but I watched him wire people's minds and I I actually because of that skill I know how to undo it. I don't know how to exactly but if you read brave I'm out front will come out more free than you were going in and you will come out with bravery that you didn't have before even if you are brave you can get more brave and if you think things differently. I wrote it from the of I was thinking about Hollywood. I tell my whole life was there and how much I hated lonely. I wasn't a miserable. I was Became because horrible things had happened to me over and over and it was like relentless the bad things you know like I would go to an event and the fans taxes looks and turn their back on me right and people will come up to me at dinner parties and be like. Oh seem to get Harvey Weinstein Scripts lately just to see my reaction before the news broke for years is Gone Rate Right. People O clock the marred so it was just gross and traumatizing just trump the other thirsty for that right By with brave I break? What's called the fourth wall me? Fox On. Td's shaking to the audience always inside on the couch. Instead of speaking to the other actor I was talking to the actor and then I turned. And I'm like no me Blah Blah Blah Blah. Then I'd go back into my scene so I do that in my book. It's kind of a Trojan horse. Like when they they the Trojans in a in Greece they came in on this whole thing and they turn out. The result is military underneath and they won the battle so my book is sold as an autobiography and it does have my stories in it and some of them are really hard. A lot of them are quite funny but I also break the fourth wall and speak to the reader and I talked to the road. I was thinking one night and I was like if I was in Hollywood. Who WOULD I be? This is Oz right and Harvey Weinstein is the wizard of Oz. Who Am I in this world

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