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Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley And Santa Monica Freeway discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


To male. That's according to those who are keeping track details after traffic. It's 6 35 traffic weather together every 10 minutes on the thighs. Here's today's Fondo. A sig alert is canceled. Do help pass Area five south past the 14 left Landry Open Caltrans emergency repairs. All finished. We've got a singular in Long Beach, 17 south for a five south running that connector. The left lane is closed with an injury crash. We also have a sigalert, Riverside 91 West before 14th kind of style, Big rig and the two right lanes and traffic is backed up from before university. So that is going to be tough ride for you through there. Let's check the drive thru the San Fernando Valley with the four or five We've got Scott over that in the Southern California Toyota dealer Sky one. It's not horrible. But not exactly perfect either North for a five you got some sewing there for the one I went up to about Burbank Boulevard. It picks up a little slice there, Sherman Way. Picks up again and then a little more slight restaurant Nordoff, But overall, it's not gonna take you too long to get up to the 1 18 south through the valley. Looking great for the 1 18 down toward the one. What? Get a look at the tent. Santa Monica Freeway, the jab jab with Desmond. Well, he's found the drive is clearing out nicely. In fact, you're full speed out of Santa Monica. Here just to hit the brakes a bit from Western, getting through the 1 10 then all clear towards East L a westbound, though. Watch out Right around Crenshaw. You have a whole tire sitting in the middle lane with full spee traffic swerving at the last second to avoid it. Once you get past that, though, you're okay into Santa Monica, not Orange County of Brian with 55. 55 North bound. We had earlier crashes to come up to Dyer. I'm still seeing some slowing. I've gotta jam came on. It Looks like you're right. Linda Times partially blocked heavy from MacArthur to dire after dire. Your drive looks good. Denise. Next reported, 6 45 I'm Johnny's father with four traffic reports more often can extend 70 news radio. As we get through the week, the marine layer is going to get a little more shell. We'll see some more afternoon sunshine a little earlier in the day, and we're going to get warmer by the weekend

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