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Scott, California And Santa Ana discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


Southern California's on Ly 24 hour local news and traffic station km. Next 10. 70. News radio depend on us. 3 44 I'm Mike Simpson and I'm Karen Adams. Coming up. Mel Brooks talks about the death of his longtime friend, Carl Reiner. The FDA reveals what it's looking for in a Corona virus vaccine. I'm Bloomberg's John Metaxas. That story coming up in five minutes enforcing new Corona virus rules for the fourth of July. We have To enforce and we will enter. Newsome suggests they're coming. And soon this is Craig figure reporting on the next 15 minutes 3 45 now traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the five spot by grocery outlets. Denise Fondo for the SIG alert since the one o'clock hour in Agoura Hills, and the cleanup continues there. We've got a gravel spell. Let's go to Scott. Bert. He's there in the seven California Toyota dealers Sky one. It's the one I want West. Bad, right? It's Canaan Road with a to add lanes are blocked you out this dirt gravel still looks like Caltrans. Sweepers toe clean that up for you, but you will have a slowdown, leaving lost Hills Road here on the one. What? West out. If you do use a gory road that will definitely help you Just get back on educated and you'll be in good shape as he had westward. Check out. The body went out through the Santa Ana can be the champion with Desmond. Well, it is definitely turning into a a rough Tuesday here eastbound now from well before we're canyon, it is turning into a crawl is you try to get through the 2 41 The FastTrack lanes are on ly a little bit better here. So far, At least all lanes are open. But if you want to use the free author at La Palma Gypsum Canyon Joining with the 91 that way that looks like a pretty good option. Santa Ana Freeway and Brian with the five just got an update from CHP are crash just cleared was in Lane's for the better part of 1/2 hour south. Five left late on Main Street. So you're still going to see delays? You come up to the crush. Once you're past the crash, you're okay. North bound because of that car pool lane work a little slow now as you make your way through Tustin more slowing coming up into Santa Anna Denise. Mattress in the roadway, and this is Burbank, 1 34 eastbound just before a victory reported in the number three lane and in Long Beach on the four or five North Annabelle Flowers got a new stock car reported in one of the travel lanes from now until the end of July. Be sure to stop into your local grocery outlet to participate in their 10th annual independence from hunger Drive. Donate with their give. Five Get five program. If you donate $5 in cash or

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