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Elijah Mcclane, Sergeant Craig Johnson And Dr Anthony Fauci discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Stop has died. Sergeant Craig Johnson leaves a wife and two young sons had been on the job 15 years. His partner was also shot remains hospitalized. Two men of the car arrested could face murder charges. U S Attorney's office in Colorado confirms they are reviewing the case of a black man who died in police custody in Aurora, Colorado last year for possible civil rights violations. Elijah McClane suffered cardiac arrest after police say he resisted arrest and the chokehold was used on him. State's attorney general is already reviewing the case for possible criminal charges. 47,000 new infections of the Corona virus reported in the U. S. On Tuesday. Dr Anthony Fauci of the Corona Virus task force warrants We could be headed toward 100,002 daily cases unless people resume precautions of vaccine, he says. Six months away, all goes well in clinical trials. Hopefully, that will be doses available. By the beginning of next year. Former Vice President Joe Biden, in his first press conference in three months Tuesday charged the administration has waved the white flag to the virus was President Mike Pence, countering the administration acted quickly and saved lives. America is listening to Fox News.

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