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Exploring the Mysteries at the Edge of the Solar System - burst 19


Coast climate change. We all know North America has tyrannosaurus REX south. America has given a source and Africa his spinosaurus. Now finally, there's evidence that shows Australia also had its own big predatory dinosaurs paleontologists from the University of Queensland analysts, less dinosaur footprints, dating to the late Jurassic, between a hundred and sixty, five and one hundred fifty one million years ago, the tracks will made by dinosaurs walking through the swamp forest that made up much of what is now southern Queensland. Most of the tracks Houston the study belonged to theropods. That's the same group of coniferous dinosaurs at include all of vinegar and velociraptor. The tracks ranged. Ranged from fifty to eighty centimeters in length, suggesting animals around three meters high at the hips, and probably around ten meters long now that's not smaller than a seventy rex. It's third around Franck. Coordinators high at the hips, and around thirteen meters in length, but didn't appear until at least ninety million years after the Queensland giants, scientists say these will probably the largest predatory dinosaurs on the time of time the trucks will made by giant councils similar to allosaurus. There were first discovered way back in the nineteen fifties and sixties on the ceilings of underground coal mines at Rosewood near Ipswich and Oak just. All seen those sci fi films were astronauts placed in stasis for long distance space flight will a new study reported in the journal Nature. Claim suspended animation. Maybe a step closer after scientists identified brain changes that trigger a naturally occurring temperature nation state in some animals code toll poll researches within a did use the same state in animals that don't actually hibernate. Scientists achieve this, but a population of brain cells that control tour poor and show that stimulating these cells in Jews it will block them prevents it.

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