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How to Drink Moderately: Finding Your Drinking Sweet Spot - burst 6


Though I mean I think with the mindful drinking bug, one of the most challenging parts for many people is that they're drinking. Sweet spot is going to be a place where they've had enough to drink that they're not really thinking. In their most sharp future results oriented type of away. They're really just feeling that kind of sense of relaxation, and in the moment just doing what feels good and when you are in that head space. Space when you're actually having the most beautiful boozy cocktails in the world out, say for myself. It's very easy to get into a mindset in that moment where I just feel like all will more must be better like I'm feeling great, you know this drink is really working for me. Let's just you know. Have another I'm curious D- You. Yourself also still kinda. Get tricked that way sometimes or are you somehow is able to know. Wear is the right spot. No. It's it's, not. Easy for. The last spot near I've been traveling and I don't know. Going into who is really popular bars around the world. I'm like Oh this Mogi my own link. I noted this place, so I need to make. An needed Brian. Morals, and what's even with my work mine on? So. I will more. Snow. Yes, well I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person that is still trying to figure it out some time so I'm curious then like if you yourself have ever actually tried any sort of mindfulness, exercises or any. Drinking moderation exercises or anything like that. I haven't. Say done like exercises. I'm definitely got into the mode of trying to create cocktails for my audience with purpose of like trying to create auctions so I will tend to make cocktails that can also be adjusted to be spirit free so like my goal is to offer those alternative so like if somebody isn't drinking or they do want to practice more mindful drinking. They don't have to have soda or soft drink. There are ways to feel like you are be able to feel social and go out somewhere or even in your own home, and make things cocktails that may be low, A. B. or spirit free without. You know having to drink, but they're beautiful creations. You don't really feel like you're out if you are ordering a so called Martell or You know the only option to be non alcoholic. Soda Water by a lot of bars and restaurants are becoming buried mindful that also and they're putting a lot of effort in creating these. Beverage many news with the lot of different, non alcoholic and low ABB options, and actually I went to a barn Portugal where they. Intertwined all their drinks together, so you? There wasn't a page that said non alcoholic. It would non alcoholic by the drink, but they had a thing menu with about five sections, and they made sure to include a low A. B. B. and non out auction, so you were arraigned from that themed menu without feeling. Let down cocktail comes out beautiful Nobody would even know. You were drinking something without alcohol. Wow, that's amazing. Yeah, that sounds incredible that that really that sounds that sounds amazing. I'm just curious. Also. If you have any other tips, I mean I think probably most people have heard the idea that like you can alternate your drinks like wine alcohol in one water. The. Do you have any like tips for people that are trying to moderate their drinking that? Maybe we haven't heard before. I mean I. The water thing I think is staying hydrated while drinking is very important what I mean. My tip is people. The Term Martell has very. Bad Rap, okay mall till like it just sounds horrible. Right so I think kind of. Switching your mind frame a little bit to understand that some of these low abebe auctions and non l.. Serves are not totally GONNA be horrible, so like thinking about getting up the courage or try in one of those just because you know I I've seen bartenders put inasmuch work creating these spirit cocktails when they do with the radar cocktail menu because. You. You have to add worse. You have to think about the flavors without the the booze. And then there are booze alternatives now like seed lips I even saw non out two Tequila, so there are these other things that you could try so I think not writing off the idea of trying some of these low A. B. B. in not out

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