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Many of us have been very upset with facebook lately. Due to their policies about hate, speech and others and many advertisers have started pulling their money in response. Well, what do we do if we don't want to go to facebook anymore? Where do we go? Well Mark Weinstein has a deal for you. He has the Anti facebook. A new social network called me. We and he'd love to tell you all about it mark. Thank you all right so. Listen. Everybody is fed up with facebook. And with the big social media giants right because they practice a business model called surveillance capitalism. So all. Their about is collecting as much data about us, and then targeting us and manipulating our thoughts and our purchase decisions, they employ thousands of data, scientists and psychologists this their game, and they serve US outrageous content because it, it causes higher engagement. It's all screwed up. So, we have a platform called me. We M E W. And, it solves all the problems. It has all the features people love about social media groups, great pages disappearing content great stories, even journals great, you know private news feeds for your close friends, and then for all your contacts, everything people of and none of the S.. There's no way for anybody to boost anything in your new seat. There's no way for an advertiser or marketer a politician to target you. We get rid of all. That is commonsense. Our members, our customers to serve not data to sell or target okay, but the biggest challenge you've got is you don't have a billion people there. It's going to take a long time for people to find friends on me. We whether you say. That's easy. The first thing that happened in our growth listen. We are now over eight million members without spending one penny to get people to come to our platform, no user acquisition costs. And this is because. People come together, so people come together to me. We their groups. They're groups of people whether they're you know interested in in bicycling or fitness or music or entertainment or Conservative or progressive politics. What we've seen is that people find out about me. And they moved together common interest, groups, constituents, families, and so now with over eight million people headed straight to ten million. If you come over just as an individual, and you match your address book, you're likely to find people that you know already. Okay mark of people love facebook when it came out to, but then as it grew. In came to hate speech and all the fighting and the vitriol that people now hate about facebook. So how'd you make sure that we does not become the next facebook? We can't because number one. Our business model is completely and utterly different. Their business model always involved getting data targeting just got better and better and better at it. Now I have the tech talk on this called the rise of surveillance capitalism. So first of all by definition and by design and by engineering, we are completely and utterly different, so there is no booster triumphant. There is no way to target people. Those aren't feel thin. We also have a privacy bill of rights, so there is no fee facial recognition. You own your content, you know you control whether in our directory or not, and we have a poison pill in our privacy policy also that says if we ever change. Change, our privacy policy. We not only have to tell you the changes, but at the same time we have to give you a link to your account and download all your files. If you don't like the changes now, facebook had that they would have been out of business six years

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