Campaign. 2020 on W T O P Voting


On W T O P Voting in Kentucky's Democratic Senate primary ended a week ago, but it wasn't until today that a winner was declared. Former Marine pilot Amy McGrath defeats progressive candidate Charles Booker to set up an expected big money bruising campaign against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky switched a widespread absentee voting due to the pandemic. Sections leaders needed a lot more time than usual to count the ballots. McGrath is backed by the Democratic establishment and has raised an impressive amount of money that puts her on equal footing with McConnell. We also have primary contest tonight in Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma. A number of police officers placed on paid leave in Colorado, where a police chief says the cops were photographed near a site where a black man was stopped and ended up dying. Last summer. The police chief and Aurora says the officers in question were near the location where Elijah McLane was questioned after a suspicious call came in last summer

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