Carl Reiner, longtime comedy legend, dies at 98


Reiner, one of the most per prolific entertainers in the history of show business, has died at age 98 at his Beverly Hills home. Reiner was a producer director and an actor. He won nine Emmys and over seven decades. For most people, they remember Reiner best for the Dick Van Dyke Show, which he created and start in. His family was with him when he passed. This is so sad, he so beloved. He just waited like three days ago. Oh, that he's lived such a great life and the joy of his life was his wife and bringing his three Children into the world. Of course. Rob Reiner is one of them who's also brilliant, and he also just did a zoom meeting with on Mel Brooks, right. He's very good friends with Mel Brooks us and it was darling and so sweet. And this is just a very big loss for the entertainment industry.

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