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The 50 74th Street. The carpool and lefty lanes are closed. That is for some Caltrans work in Costa Mesa, 55 north of the 405 We've got a video Call the broken axle. The tow truck is they're getting at hooked up. That is on the right shoulder. It's just slowing you down. Just a tad is people slow down to take a look in Pomona, 60 west from Reservoir to Diamond Bar Boulevard, the carpool and the left. Three lanes are closed down. That is for some roadwork. Roadwork on the 17 north of Florence to five has the right to lanes closed downtown. Once in North State Street. We've got a truck. That is blocking one of the middle lanes of the main line, and it does have its flashes lime. See, it's really stopping all lanes to get that out of the roadway. The one tender word from the 50 Avenue 43 seeing a lot of backup here, the right she lands are blocked. And in Montecito Heights, the avenue 43 off ramp is closed. That is for Caltrans work. In addition to that, you've got a car fire that was off the right shoulder. So fire crews air holding the right two lanes just past Avenue 43 they've also shut down

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