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The White House today hosted a small group of House Democrats, followed by a group of Senate Republicans. It's a highly unusual move to brief the party's separately, a small group of House Republicans were briefed on the matter on Monday, White House Press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany said on Monday. That the quote veracity of such allegations is still being determined and insisted that President Trump had yet to be briefed on the matter. Democrats on Capitol Hill are still calling for all members of Congress to be briefed. White House currently has no plans to do so. These briefings comes new reports surface that suggests the White House was aware of this intelligence in 2019 Catherine Folders. ABC NEWS Washington Staying in D. C, where the heads of the Federal Reserve in U. S Treasury. Testifying before Congress, Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin testified before the House Financial Services Committee today. Mnuchin giving a positive outlook, Although unemployment is at a historic high retail sales

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