White House says Trump was not told about alleged Russian bounties


30 for Republicans were briefed yesterday. Top Democrats today. If it's true, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle want to know why President Trump was not told about intelligence reports. Russia may have offered bounties to Taliban militants in Afghanistan for killing Americans. Correspondent Bob Costantini reports. The original story by The New York Times continues expanding via other news outlets, while the White House message stays the same in light of an Associated Press report that White House officials knew of the Russian bounty offer to Taliban fighters in early 2019. National security adviser, Robert O'Brien issued a statement in the early morning hours because the allegations in recent press articles have not been verified or substantiated by the intelligence community. President Trump had not been briefed on the items. Nevertheless, the administration, including the National Security Council staff have been preparing should the situation warrant action. That's another indication, President Trump has still not been briefed. And if the AP report is correct, that would be at the time when John Bolton was the president's national security

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