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A workshop to be held on that proposal


Seeking to have an abortion in Florida must now have parental consent. Governor just hand to signing the bill yesterday, taking effect today, doctors cannot perform a procedure on a juvenile without a notarized letter from a parent. The previous law only required parental notification. And if you're looking for late night munchies, even in early morning breakfast, you're outta luck in Miami Dade County. Mayor Carlos Jimenez, issuing an order closing dying in restaurants with at least eight seats between midnight and six AM part of an effort to stop the spread of the illness. It's coming up on 50 for the forecast is next. Then we've got this morning with Gordon. Deal. I'm Rory O'Neill. NewsRadio 6 10 W Y o D speak softly on carry a big spark speakers. Alexa play w Y O D on I Heart radio. You got it. Big guy. We'll see a few scattered clouds around overnight. It's going to stay warm and human across South Florida lonelier 80 sunshine to begin Wednesday. Then a few scattered like they storms eyes up in the lower to mid nineties with updates around the clock on South Florida's severe weather station on the Weather Channel's marks a veto on

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