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Airbus Plans to Cut 15,000 Jobs, Citing Impact of Coronavirus


Let us begin with news of a huge number of jobs going Airbus. Yeah that's right behind morning to you. This is the latest illustration of really severe turbulence. indie aviation sector obviously brought about by the downturn in demand for air travel with the corona virus, so Airbus is planning to slash fifteen thousand jobs that accounts for at ten percent of its current workforce management, telling staff describing to staff that this is the gravest crisis. The industry has ever experienced that there's been a forty percent full in commercial aircraft business activity. He's job. Losses are going to affect at plants in France, Germany, Spain, and Britain already though there's opposition coming from Paris the. The French government, asking why Airbus can't use state support measures, but the European planemaker has been ominously warning, it does not expect air travel to return to pre virus levels a best until twenty twenty three, but warning that it could actually take until twenty twenty-five until we get back to where we were last year. Tell us a little bit more. Airbus was six months ago. is in an astonishingly strong position given the fact that it's rival was having awful problems with the 737 Max aircraft, and as a result, Airbus couldn't make enough of a three to eight hundred twenty family. Yes that's right I. mean the poor fortunes of its big American rival Boeing bent that certainly in the short holes as sector, it's single-aisle aircraft were the the the main show in town while anyone who placed orders for the seven three seven months for left, waiting for it to be given safety approval that said both playmakers have been looking in the rear view mirror at the march of a Chinese rival which is certainly starting to gobble up. More market share. And of course, everybody's already dealing with the fact that it's a big claim to fame. These Super Jumbo, a three eighty, as now been, were really left in in in the shadow of short-haul planes, because it's really although came to almost embodied the planemakers, ambitions is concerned. We very inefficient by the airlines who've been using it.

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