#EERS S9 Ep113: Do This Thing I Want Or Else - burst 07


To actually do. Or. There were several other New York Times stories, or or the mcclatchy story that Michael Cohen. The president's lawyer had been deprived. And and had engaged with Russians in Prague and turns out. That was specifically denied by the Special Prosecutor. Or there are lots of stories or remember the story about Oh what's her name? village sky of the woman who went to the trump campaign offices to have a private meeting with them, and clearly that was coordination with Russians her she was there to talk about the Magnitsky. ACT that impedes adoption in Russia because Russian sanctions turns out. That was a true time and time again. The media has run these really explosive stories about the trump trump team. And then had to welcome back slowly, and this one just sounds too good to be true that the president and vice president had been briefed. That the Russians were paying Taliban to kill American soldiers and they had done nothing in response. Well. John Ratcliffe the director of National Intelligence has come out today and said that the president had not been briefed on US intelligence reports, nor had the vice president ever been briefed on intelligence alleged by the New, York Times and he said quote. The White House statement, addressing this issue earlier today, which denied set you brief occurred was accurate. The New York Times reporting and all other subsequent news reports about such an alleged briefing are inaccurate. Richard Grenell. Who Heads? served temporarily as the director of National Intelligence also came out and said this was a true. He never heard about it. And that people who are politicizing these reports don't know what they're talking about the saying he was never advised of the situation now the Wall Street Journal, The Washington, Post and CNN. They're all reporting on bounties against US and other coalition forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban denied it. The Russians are denying it. But the New York Times claims. The ficials briefed on the matter of the operation was pushed by the GRU. But there is no evidence that anyone was ever told in the White House. There is no evidence the vice president now the president is not get daily intelligence briefings right now from what the White House says. President does the vice president was not briefed on this. The president wasn't brief. The vice president was a brief. No one seems to have knowledge of this. Within the executive departments outside of the intelligence, agency, you know these intelligence agents are the same ones who tried to bring down the president by leaking stuff to the media, so I'm not really sure why, without any other crop ration-, we should leave this stuff

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