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I think a lot about what it does to us to have those videos in our heads all the time that you and I can see those videos and more in our short term memory at any time and the impact on all of us walking around with that way in our heads all the time it's. It's tremendous. It's AIDS, the part of the trump that is the part of trauma being black. And Write about trump vision country. My trauma may not be yours. But we can understand each other's traumas can understand perseverance. We can be compassionate and empathetic. And we can actually have valuable conversations that again. which is what multiple life for one of? We want to stop living in pain. Every Bacar sellers is one of the best political analyst outright now partly because he's been inside the political system, he was a member of South Carolina's House of Representatives for years, so he really understands politics sellers is the author of my vanishing country and new book where he talks about the forgotten people of the rural south. You'll get half of this interview with Akari here for the other half go to pay John. Dot Com Slash Toray show and also get access to my Patriot exclusives with Malcolm Gladwin Gilani Cobb Neil degrasse Tyson and more for now. It's macari sellers on tour ratio. Your books called. Vanishing country whose whose vanishing what's happening? So I mean that's a good question, so there are two things coming from the rural south I'm pretty used to be a community of full of mobility. especially. People of Color we had railroad tracks the weight. North South East and West. We had how three twenty one. which was the precursor to we had, our downtown had a record store five and dime. Amina was was bubbling like many small towns throughout America, especially the rules out. On now that's. That's totally disappearing after trade You've been media. These poor black communities just left behind so very tangibly for me. It's fun. The voices these people are lively. Our communities are vanishing. Right before is but. From a fifty thousand foot view many of these ideals that we believe this country, promises us. Many of those ideals such is life liberty. The pursuit of happiness on their vanishing before is for many people in this country I. Don't think the people can. Be honest with themselves and look at the culture and climate, wherein in a those goals are attainable. To

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