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About reopening indoor dining next week. Police are offering a $10,000 reward to help them catch the person who shot four people in the Bronx. Friday, June 12. Around 8 p.m. Four people shot in Shoelace Park Right near Bronx Boulevard is 226 Street 19 year old girl was killed in that shooting. If you've got any information, call Crime Stoppers 105 77 Tips wins News Times 6 26 Now Bloomberg MoneyWatch amid broad gains for stocks, The Dow, which consists of only 30 had a tough time staying higher much of the day, but not at the end. The Dow finished up 217. NASDAQ up 185. I've had to pee 500 up 47 after Uber's effort to acquire Grubhub fell apart over differences on prices a fresh reminder today that uber still clearly sees a lot more upside during a pandemic to food delivery than its original business of people moving. Company behind Uber Eats is now reportedly in talks to take over. Food delivery service. Postmates New York Times first reported the price in the neighborhood of $2.6 billion even as the pandemic took hold home price increases were steady in April. According to the S and P Case Shiller

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