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F M one, a 1.5 and AM 1400. The Patriot


F M one, a 1.5 and AM 1400. The Patriot It is sad. You can't help but be sand. When you read the accounts. Coming to us out of Seattle. Where even the police chief Is saying, Look, people Enough is enough. We can't turn Law enforcement. In a city this size. Over to a mob. It doesn't work. We used to have that. It didn't work. And it's not gonna work now. But the mob is different. Mobbs. Need to be directed by my name is Ryan born and I am Danica born and we're the owners of South Coast tax. We would like to thank our Lord for protecting us from evil. Some 91 states. He is my refuge and my fortress for he will rescue us from every trap and protect us from deadly disease. South Coast tax or Christian based tax accountants and attorneys who specialize in releasing bank levees, wage garnishment and filing complex tax returns were the leaders and acceptance of offers and

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