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A blade. It's now the Chief Justice John Roberts.


The United States Supreme Court right now. Is almost becoming a matter of psycho analysis rather than journalism. Everybody's trying to figure out what John Roberts is doing. About what he's done is made himself the only member of the Supreme Court. What do I mean by that? Whichever way Roberts goes, the court ends up truly We've had and were in this flurry of the end of the June term. Of course, which is why all of these rulings are coming down right now. That's what the Supreme Court works. A Siri's of 54 rulings. In some cases, the so called conservative side prevails. In some cases, the so called liberal side prevails. But in all cases, the side that John Roberts is on is prevailing because he's the fifth vote. For the last number of years, the United States Supreme Court Seems to have had a 54 conservative majority sort of There's always better swing vote. For the longest time. It was Sandra Day O'Connor. More often than not. She voted with the conservative side, but it was close. Bennett After she left it became Anthony Kennedy. Who more often than not voted with the conservative side. Maybe a little bit more than Okada did, but not always. And a blade. It's now the Chief Justice John Roberts. There are occasional eight cases where the court will go 7 to 80 the direction We're two of the more moderate liberals joined the conservatives or Two of the more moderate conservatives joined the Liberals. But otherwise it's fair to say that you have four solid liberal votes on the United States Supreme Court right now and four solid conservative votes on the United States Supreme Court. And then you have John Roberts. And as I say, report again, this is becoming more better of psycho analysis that it is of journalism. As for any type of legal philosophy here, none seem to exist. Several rulings just in the last couple of days. One being cheered by conservatives. The Supreme Court ruled. In a case of Montana and again when the Supreme Court rules it affects everybody everywhere. Sir, is the higher court. It dealt with a school choice case of Montana. Can you stop religious schools from taking part in school choice programs. The court said. No, you can't That means that if there's a school choice program in any of our state's religious schools could participate in the same way that private non religious schools could participate. That's a major victory for religious freedom. Obviously add, since most private schools are religious in nature, it opens up school poacher programs or school choice programs, depending on the term of your choice. All over the country to these religious schools at it affirms that in states like Wisconsin religious schools have always participated in school choice. That there is not a legal way to prevent them from doing so. In other words, in this case with Roberts Ruling with the majority, the court made a significant breakthrough out a conservative issue. But that, on the other hand, you have the Louisiana abortion case. Robert's not only ruled with the Liberals Robert's appeared to have created a significant argument with John Roberts.

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