Groin Connoisseur Gus - #602


Going to walk into the received podcast Gus. I'm Kevin I'm Jed and I empire. Tiny Barbara little hands I see. The surgery was successful. I bought these off Amazon because like. Surely there's something I could do with these, and I wanted to just lose the whole podcast and never say anything and see if people would notice. Could we not notice? So, we always called you the Donald Trump podcast. Speaking of! I. Did something I stabbed myself in in the Paula. My hand yesterday by Accident Oh. Yeah, yeah! I was I, was washing my like kitchen knife by hand. God, and it was slippery with the soap and in the sink. It's slipped out of my hands. You instinctively. Try to grab it, and like read is I grabbed I pulled back and went right into the. Pants! And like I did the thing we know where it hurts. Close my fist and all the stocks went through my head. Like I'M GONNA have to go to the hospital. I'm going to have to get stitches and I'm going to get Cova when I'm at the hospital. What's GonNa, Happen Open my hand and looked at it, and it had barely pierced. My hand didn't even bleed. It's a miracle. I could see the whole like I could see where it cut me, but it didn't bleed and I was totally. I feel like I really dodged a huge bullet. Knife does that mean you just missed the vein? I don't know because I could see like it hurts, and I can see the flesh I guess. Maybe this is how you determine your superpower. You just gotTa. You gotta go further. Can go all the way through. Its. Own Feedback Heroes my camera. Not a tool lined up with my voice. This issue. On it? That's okay. Stop this I appreciate it. We had all slew of new technical issues a starting this podcast that we haven't experienced in three months. And Have this wicked feature. Right where you the camera on, and it lets you pick all of your cameras, except you can't do that and it doesn't work and it's great. I'm telling you somewhere. There's a window setting that it's not allowing browsers to access your cameras. There's a security setting somewhere was cleaning. I Think let me think Barbara. Type. Thing maybe could you governor hand? Get Yourself. Maybe. Drink so. You. Go!

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