To an all time high of more than forty five thousand


Time high of more than forty five thousand cases climbing fast in the south and west huge portions of the United States are seeing a surge in corona virus cases the country's log three straight days of record high totals the death toll has now risen above a hundred twenty five thousand in Florida on Friday reported a staggering eighty nine hundred cases the governor weighed that off as a test he says he won't mandate wearing masks but the mayor of Miami will and bars there now bars across the state of Florida are no longer allowed to serve alcohol A. B. C.'s Trevor all Texas also rolling back its re opening and in South Carolina fifteen hundred ninety nine people testing positive today the previous I was just under thirteen hundred fifty new deaths add two more probable today related to covert nineteen on the campaign trail democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden on the virtual town hall slamming president trump's coronavirus response the same time and then make Donald Trump is telling his administration to quote slow down testing any federal funding for test sites I understand you just reverse that today president trump has decided to stay at the White House this weekend rather than go as planned to his New Jersey golf resort he did play golf near DC the president signing an executive order protecting American monuments memorials and statues rumors of an armed militia group coming to one of Kentucky's biggest cities during a black lives matter rally to counter protest leading to the Louisville police department closing streets stepping up extra enforcement today this protester shocked to hear about it since their rallies have been relatively peaceful

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