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Number is 855 to 1 to four. CBS That's 855 to 1242 to seven. So how will Cam Newton Fit


To 1242 to seven. So how will Cam Newton Fit in. With Bill ballot check and the Patriots. We get the local perspective on that to kick off the midnight hour here in CBS Sports Radio we bring in microfinance keys, a host on W E I in Boston talking to us, not just about how Cam Newton will fit with Bill Belichick. But what it says about Jared Stadium. A second year quarterback, the fourth round pick who was originally slated to start this year, up until last week, and also Cam Newton, as he caused Patriot fans to already forget about Tom Brady will do that. Next with Michael Mont. Nancy of W. E. In Boston to lead off the midnight hour. It's Alex Riemer on CBS Sports Radio.

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