Is not under control cases air rising in 36 states,


State health officials are reporting 724 new confirmed cold cases since yesterday. That's roughly half the number of daily cases we were seeing one month ago. 23 more people have died from Culver related complications. The percentage of people testing positive is less than 3%. Health officials say. About 94% of people who have contracted the virus in Illinois Have recovered well, today, the nation's top infectious disease, experts said. Kobe 19 is not under control cases air rising in 36 states, Dr Anthony Fauci, saying the numbers we're headed in the wrong direction, he says we could see as many as 100,000 new cases per day unless the U. S takes action. States in the South and West, where some of the first to reopen Now they're among the hardest being hit. Dr. Fauci is urging young people to change behavior to stop the spread.

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