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Whatever. Cam Newton you guys You guys know the cam font


Clearly Photoshopped. This is good unless Cam Newton has played for the Patriots before, as I'm looking at him in the Patriots uniform, and he's hanging out with Julian Edelman. But this looks to be photo shop so shout out to ever do the work. It's really, really strong, but it's Julian. And Cam, and they're patriots garb, and they are in battle together, and that is posted on Adelman's instagram. Now he tags it with the random lettering, which I can't remember what it's called. This is one of those moments. I wish Reggie was still around here somewhere because he would let us know. But whatever. Cam Newton you guys You guys know the cam font thing? That's what we should just call it. The camphor and everything he writes, is in these weird like Greek, their symbols and all this weird stuff, So that's what Edelman did. So I guess Tim for hospitality reasons. Shout out his guy Cam Newton. Hey, says Newton, Massachusetts. Let's work. Hashtag. Tom Brady, new member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, former teammate of Julian Edelman. They played together, kid made it they did actually put together. Tom Brady commented on this picture of Edelman and camp in the Patriots uniforms, saying I will always be your number 10 jealousy. Look at

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