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Bit nervous and consumer is getting nervous. So FedEx I think FedEx is a really interesting story to look at because This was a really tough quarter to operate in for that kind of business, right? You had to shut down basically across the whole world in second quarter, probably the worst quarter in 100 years in terms of actual GDP numbers. Get the company showed quality management efficiency drive cutting costs managing the business Well, they ended up beating on earnings and revenue adjusted earnings. $2.53 a share. Analysts predicting 1 53 so it was a big beat, but it was way down from last year. Then you probably have to give at least one thumbs up. We mentioned Australian manufacturing. PM I 51.5 is a lot of more a lot more PM eyes later in the session, That's markets. Here's news with that, Baxter, it All right. Thank you. Brian. Beijing Security law for Hong Kong allows potential life sentences for crimes, including subversion of state power in collusion with foreign forces. It appears to cover even non violent tactics employed by the protesters in the wave of unrest. Bloomberg. Steven Engel. Reports that allows the

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