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An increase in cancellations for the upcoming holiday weekend and a decline in bookings as we look out towards the middle and end of July that seems to mirror the increase. In covert cases. An official at a major U. S. Airlines tell CBS News that their carrier has started to see bookings drop after the fourth of July holiday while also seeing a noticeable increase in cancellations for the upcoming holiday weekend. At least one airline is Wayne slashing its international flying through 2021. It's increasingly clear to some, the effects for the pandemic are likely to linger. Any time the U has opened its borders to 15 countries, but not the US soaring daily reported cases here and low European numbers show why Americans are facing a European travel ban. Correspondent Ian Lee reports a resurgence of the Corona virus has the European Union blocked countries trying to bounce health concerns with politics. And tourism rather than the United States won't be on that list as

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