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188-The Flea: Forever Home


Hey. What's up? The vendor said looking at echo in his rooster. This was the last stall on the last street. No one had been interested in minute goes likely tough and stringy mini rooster. That's what led him to the. Neck Romance Irs Minute go asked. You guys run a neck romance. He Stole Lake. Do you bring people back from the dead? The neck romance is looked at each other and nodded. Yeah, I mean no. This is the late Middle Ages and in some cultures, any person who practices magic in any capacity is called an answer. You should read it as like sorcerers resources. How can we help you? Monaco shrugged. He didn't really care what they did. He held up his rooster. He said he had a rooster for sale. Now this was yes. The two men said in unison and immediately Minett goes stop, talking. Seriously just like that. The two men looked each other. Yes, how much did the old man went fourth quarter coin half aucoin Monaco jumped at half a coin that was ten times would he had hoped for from selling of virtually useless rooster? It was half his initial investment, but that's the type of risk. You took when you played the flock market. The neck romance is looked at the till. They didn't really have any amounts of money that small with them. Dominica mind following them back to their apartment that they could get half a coin. Maneka glanced over the counter. Or they could just give him a full coined. The neck romance is closed there till negotiation wasn't really monacco strong suit. Let's go so the trio charged through the streets of black grotto, the city, just in front of Monaco. The to romances grinned this was. It as we all know, select roosters have a stone in their head or their heart, according to pliny the elder, when the stone is taken out in set in a ring. That ring will give you anything you wish for the neck. Romances works admitted. They talked back and forth to one another about how they were going to give poverty a kick in the face. Smooth out there. Stockings move out of their dingy apartment this Monaco. He didn't even realize what he had here, but it was the neck romance. Who didn't realize how loud they were talking. MONACCO heard the entire conversation about how they were going to use the stone to get everything they could wish for. He clutched his rooster and bolted down an alleyway. The neck romance is worth their shared studio apartment before they realized Monacco was gone back in his alleyway, Monaco looked down at the rooster the yeah. Sorry Bud ringing the animal's neck in digging stone out of its brain or heart was much easier when getting everything you could ever wish for was on the table, using a sharp piece of broken pottery Monaco extracted the student from the Roosters, brain or heart, he dug through his pack, his meager possessions, and founded cheap brass ring that he picked off the street one day when he was out feeding the rooster, he still had friends in town. He had lived in black grotto his whole life, so we went to a nearby jeweler who was having a slow afternoon. You know what sure he would set a slimy stone and a brass spring from an echo on credit credit. He knew Monacco wasn't good. Good for, but whatever like you said it was a slow day less than an hour later monacco was back in his alleyway. He slipped on the ring and made his. I wish he wanted to be an eighteen year old boy again. Instantly his legs were stronger. The wrinkles on his face disappeared, his hair was black again and his mouth, which the story colorfully described as a ransacked farmhouse filled with teeth, his beard was thick and clean. He was eighteen again. He looked at his alleyway and stood. He walked. You walked for the rest of the day camping by the side of the road and producing the dinner from the ring the next day he sat in front of a desolate plot of land. And held up the ring. Well here goes nothing. Prince Monacco Twenty, eight, sixty eight year old was doing all right almost a decade ago, he wished he had a magnificent palace, and then he was the relative of a king seconds later, the mansion appeared on a plot of land days later, an envoy from the king appeared at his door one tour where they sell his paintings. His dazzling statues has bedazzle everything. They invited him to the palace. It wasn't long before he was engaged to the princess. He and Anatolia were happy and less than a year later they will come their first daughter into the world. Even though MONACCO was the prince next in line for the throne, he never forgot who he was where he came from, he only had as many servants as needed man. He still liked going into black grotto to go shopping. That was where everything went wrong. They wouldn't have suspected. It was monacco early on, and they didn't. It was just some rich kids spreading his wealth around. It took me an echo aging ten years until he started to look like someone. The Neck Romance in the market knew from a long time ago one time while the prince was walking through he met is with the NCR answers. The gays lingered for a moment longer than normal. then. They noticed something. Why did the opulent prince where such a cheap brass ring with some unknown stone set in it? The neck romance looked at each other. This was him. This was the guy he was living their life, the one that had been in their grasp that day at the market. was their life. And they were going to get it back.

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