Democrats wrestle with how hard to go after Trump's scandals


A little more than four months until the election and the scandals that Democrats after they impeach President Donald Trump have mostly tried to look away from there now piling up and they do feel like they have to do something. I mean, it's just kind of an onslaught of scandals coming out of the trump administration right now so I think they want to be careful and how they go about this. They do want to investigate what's going on. They do want to call attention to it, but they're certainly not going to try to impeach the president again or try to impeach the Attorney General, although some members have called for that. Instead what we're going to see, is the hold hearings and for instance general. William Bar is going to come testify before the House Judiciary Committee at the end of next month. That's going to be a really big deal. You know I think for them. It's a fine line between. How do we call attention to this and also not step on our own electoral message, which is here's what we're doing for voters. Here's why you should bring us back. We're not just the party of investigating trump. We do actually want to get things done for you. Yeah I, want to jump into that in a second, but for those of us who have been living under rocks. Can you just quickly numerate some of the many many things that have? House Democrats up in arms that they they want to look into well. It's kind of an endless list, but. For instance the firing of the Manhattan prosecutor Jeffrey Berman over the weekend. He. The Attorney General issued a statement on Friday night, saying he was stepping down, and then Berman issued his own statements that what I'm not stepping down and then so bar had to actually fire him right, and that was this whole controversy this weekend, so the reason that people are speculating that bar got rid of. Berman was because his office in Manhattan has. Investigated a lot of trump related scandals everything from trump's former fixer. Michael Cohen Hush payments to. Porn stars, and then Rudy Giuliani the trump inaugural committee I mean you know a lot of links to the trump world, so that's one thing that they're definitely gonNA look into and it's. It's not too long ago. That an attorney general resigned over over questions of improper political influence over the hiring and firing of US attorneys select. That's that's a big deal. That's a big deal and that's one. I mean. Bar Is. There's a whole list of things with bill bar that I think I don't even know if they'll have time. They're hearing next month to get into everything. Because bar has really politicized the Department of Justice in a way that we haven't seen in some time and has taken steps. Many of his critics say to try to insulate trump from numerous scandals when they say that DOJ should be an independent body right so. That's one and then there's John Bolton's book which there's a whole string of allegations everything from the Ukraine scandal, which Democrats did impeach trump over to claims that trump requested China. Help Him in the twenty twenty election to other claims that he offered to help quote fix a problem The Turkish president was linked to a bank that was being investigated by the Manhattan Office that we were just talking about so there's a whole list of allegations in Bolton's book. They WanNa look into, and then you know the house. Judiciary Committee on. Wednesday had. Some whistle blowers from DOJ testifying about the DOJ's decision to You know to drop the charges against Michael Flynn. But also but also Roger Stone Oh my God. Oh Right? Yeah, no, there's so much! It's hard to keep track of anyways. There were two whistleblowers that testified before the house. Judiciary Committee on Wednesday about the DOJ decision to drop charges against Michael Flynn and other accusations that the Department of Justice recommended certain sentencing guidelines, which many considered were very light against. Against Roger Stone because of how close he west of the president, and that he was treated differently than other defendants, because of his relation to the president, so these are all things that the House majority is going to look into in the next several months in the run-up to the election, but are we going to see bill bar impeached or anything like? Like that. No, it's GonNa be more about hearings and television clips and things like

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