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Because the people that join the people that are currently was and protests overseas in Germany as well black lives matter you're listening to ABC news stay connected stay informed como Saturday good afternoon it is one oh two I'm Kelly Blair with the top local stories from the co more twenty four seven news center the state is hitting the pause button on counties in the state moving to phase for right now the governor and health secretary John Huisman say rising covert nineteen cases across the state and the continued spread made it impossible for for a phase four which would mean no restrictions this is the best thing Washingtonians can do to slow the spread is to wear facial coverings maintain physical distancing and maintain good hygiene practices king county health officer Dr Jeff Duchin says there's a worrisome trend emerging with the county's new cases going up consistently in the past couple of weeks just last week alone we saw a sixty percent increase in Culver nineteen cases that's about a hundred and fifty six more cases than we saw the previous week now Dr Duchin says there isn't a specific incident that's the cause for this rise he says an increase can be attributed in part to the fact that testing rates have more than doubled in the county since June seventh along with opening up more of the county and the state those numbers however only account for the first two days that king county was in phase to the upside has been that the positivity rate in the county has remained stable and not drastically increasing and hospitalizations are still low more cases to do chin means people are going out more but aren't seriously taking precautions he wants to reiterate that just because the county is opening up more doesn't mean we throw out social distancing measures it's.

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