SEPTA suspends bus, subway, trolley service in Center City Philadelphia until further notice


Has suspended subway bus and trolley service in center city we're gonna go live now to K. Y. W.'s mark Abrams who's following this forest mark well this announcement came less than an hour ago and sept of mated saying that it was doing so at the request of the city this involves suspending service within that box that the the police have described as anything south of Vine Street north of South Street in east west river river now in addition to the of the trolley routes of the buses that are going to be limited it's also the market Frankford line and the Broad Street line but sept is Andrew bush says they're going to give folks who did come in on the market Frankford and Broad Street lines a little bit of a grace period all market Frankford and Broad Street lines were extending the window until one o'clock those closures to go into place we we know that some people had to be you know if I'm in the city today is central workers they have to go home we want to allow some time for that so we're able to keep that open a little longer that in the bus routes and trolley routes and he said that there are limited regional rails that are still going to be operating into suburban station in the Jefferson station he says there is adequate SEPTA police there just to handle those who are going to use the service but he said it's so infrequent now it's it's about two hours for every every line and very limited but that at this point he says those regional rail stations will remain open and again he said that the this is done at the request of the city and he said it's likely that it'll last for the balance of the day Suzanne all right mark thank you cable W's mark Abrams

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