'The Rookie' Jim Morris.


Jimmy Morris historian one for the ages so much so that Disney made his life into a movie in two thousand and two called the rookie and his most recent book. DREAM ACRES COMES OUT June twenty third. He is back for extra innings. Jim Morris so glad to have you back on the show. Nationally Sarah Thank. You grab me so I gotta say man I'm I'm start this off with a compliment. I'm GonNa Kiss Your behind so I I've been looking at your playing days, and we all know the great story. It's so uplifting phenomenal. Get to that. How are you in better shape? Now I mean you are in phenomenal shape, I mean. Are you guy that's always active because most people as they get older, they put the pounds on. I'm raising my hand for those. That can't see but I. TRY to exercise it. Try to run. I, try to get enough. What is your secret because you are getting more fit by the year? You know. Battled chronic illness for a long time and The, more people say I can't do something. Tomorrow makes me WANNA. Do something. And so we've worked out and I'll tell you what these last five months. Hasn't been. A time for me to reset and retool and get ready for something new. Because, we have no idea what normal is gonNA, be so I've been able to work out at walked. My doctors. My neurologists said you'll never walk again. You're starting. Drag your leg and my mom bought me a cane. I got rid of all that and I'm walking five to ten miles a day, and now I'm running. So you know what I just I like to be in motion when I'm in motion, I can sing better in so when I can sing better that clears the mind out, and you know what now my neurologist is going. You don't have Parkinson's more. That's not possible, said you know what anything's possible. Yeah, that's amazing. I was I. was going to bring that up. I was Kinda taking whether it should or not. You were diagnosed with Parkinson's now things the sound of it sound very positive wing for Jim. Absolutely I had a I had turned it down slowly. and. When you get to read the book you're going to understand chapter ten is going to. Either blow people sox offer. It's GonNa make inferior furious and go. WHO believes in that stuff, but I eventually. Turned off my deep brain stimulator, which was the electricity sent Dopamine Mimic does me and my brain turn it off, and there was a message I got quite strongly to turn it off I did and I went back some urologists. She did a brain scan on me and made me do all these Parkinson's test. My balance was a great I was standing on one toe, and then the other toe on both feet could turn circles I can touch my nose with my eyes closed and everything else, and the brain scan came back clean and she goes. You do not have Parkinson's anymore. And she goes I've been doing this for fifteen years, and that does not happen. Said well. I'm standing in front of you. Holy Cow I need. Your Life is legitimately filled with like miracles, because that is unbelievable, and and that makes me feel really happy because you know that's usually a diagnosis. People panic rightfully, so, but I'm so happy a better place now. My that such good news to hear. Awesome. Thank you so much. It's been. It's been a blessing. I've got a daughter out in California, and she's doing a Bible school saying she just graduated with vessel. She was talking to us the other day and she's been reading the book and she's like you know. What can you give up some of the miracle, so we can have? A. And I WANNA get to adjust you ago. I want to I want to end the interview talking about your book. Because I'm right before chapter nine, which is maybe the most interesting chapter title I've ever read in my life, but we're going to get there eventually. We're going to get there, so it's just a couple. Things before I get to your life. Is Baseball in big trouble Jimmy Johnson baseball going to this year. We're going to have baseball again, you think. I had not one clue and I'll tell you this and it's I. Talk About this in my speech is baseball. Has Seen US through wars, depressions, recessions civil unrest when the men couldn't play, the women played. Baseball has seen US through our entire democracy and now. That question is up in the air and if there's no baseball, there's no concessions there. No ticket tickets. There's no security There's nothing and there's no fans and so. I'm hoping they get back on the field pretty soon at least filming it, so he has something to do at home besides workout or eat banana, bread and. I just want our sports back and it doesn't matter if it's baseline of all sports and I WANNA see everybody, get back. Their business and I want to see all those great athletes gooden after it and were. We just got a lot of big unknowns right

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