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Slum liquor, everyone and welcome back to another episode of the rogue Muslim podcast this week. I am giving you an update on How I fed with habit number lost track. I think it's like ten now. On. Grant Funds. Or shoe spending time in nature but. Turned out to be more growing plants. or growing fruits and vegetables, planting in gardening, and all that stuff, so yeah, so give you an update on will obviously I'm giving an update? That's the whole thing that committed to this year. but I really really really liked. I think it was. I've said this before by the flow has been so lovely for this spiritual habits like you know doing vicar, then going into meditation in intentional birth work and name going into doing spending time in nature and planting and. And then we'll see you'll notice How just flows into the next one, which is gonNa be to read a spiritual book? How that also has just floated in quite well with the previous habits because of the book I'm reading but you have to tune in for that episode. humour about it. I don't hijacked this one by talking about that one, but. Yeah I really thoroughly enjoy this I learned a lot. I spent time doing the her. and. Yeah just. Share in it. So I started off, it was the intention was obviously spend more time in nature without was going for walks or runs or spending time in the garden and also Like I mentioned in the pre checking I'd also really gotten into gardening recently and. So, yeah, it discussed. Ended up being more on the gardening, aspects of it and I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed it first of all when I. Typically what I'm doing anything that doesn't require. A different level of focus, but also my mind is also Elizabeth free to listen to a book or listen to a podcast or listen to something right typically I. Take that Opportunity, some always something on, and so if I'm gardening I'm listening to something if or from for run definite. But this time when I was guard thing I found that there were many times where I just thought care like I just wanted to speak with my plants. I wanted to do the allow whilst planting in gardening in It was just so relaxing. It was so nice to not nothing about technology. Spend time away from it really again intentionally and just get meeting lost in the process and in love process like I'm obsessed with knowing different likes of about different soils. What a housewife can get damaged, but how you can also provide nutrition to the soils how you should be talking to your plants, because they hear they listen, and they they get thrive of. Talking to them, it was Kinda Weird, because my neighbors were outside in sometimes just be eating breakfast, talking to my plants, but remained Ukrainian. How you should name your plants this I learnt from Geneva lever like ages ago, but it stuck with being. You should name your plants. And I really appreciate it because in naming I connected to it more like they really became my by babies of that's not as they take. Your plans is taken care of babies I. Don't like that analogy because it's just not true but. They just became so precious to me. Right wanted to see them thrive, and in in my relationship plants I was able to better understand that God has. This this Granik I that I really appreciate, said I wanted to share, so it says. Than Men Carnegie his food. How we pulled down Wilson Torrance than we broke open the splitting it with sprouts. And caused to grow within grain and grapes and Urban, an olive palm trees in gardens of dense shrubbery and fruit, engrossed as enjoyment for you and your grazing livestock. And of the versus in case, anyone's interested is A. Abaza versus twenty five thirty two,

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