Queen Latifah weighs in on Gone With the Wind controversy: ‘Let it be gone'


A queenly teva she thinks that the gone with the wind bringing it back campaign she says let's gone with the wind to be gone with the wind now there's some controversy here because Hattie McDaniel was the first black person to win an Oscar and she won it for playing mammy in gone with the wind so in Queen Latif a plate had the on the Netflix show Hollywood she wants to speak out about this and she just thinks that the that it's not something that we need to have a cell phone okay you know I mean that they have a disclaimer now that they play before it on HBO Max they have to get rid of a lot of movies yeah you know like I I think if you if they do put a disclaimer on a lot of these movies just saying that this three different times she also wanted people to know that they didn't even let Hattie McDaniel in the theater at the Oscars until right before she got that award some came outside and brought her into the auditorium

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