Teyana Parties Despite Lockdown

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The. Lockdown is over or at least apparently, it is for a lot of famous people for example, Cardi B. and offset just hit up Tiana. Taylor's packed album release party, which by the way offered, has met suits upon arrival, but not much social distancing. Going on here one of your guys. This thoughts on this not a lot of mass happening. I think less than half of the party had masks on, but never had. Done so in the invite to the to the event. It says like we will provide mass and has met suits look I love Yana think you know the album is going to be amazing, but I do feel like this party was kind of irresponsible especially. She just announced that she's pregnant. And there were kids there. It just seems like so many people in one place. And the lockdown isn't lifted yet. It just seems a little irresponsible to me. Yeah! I also think that if you wearing the has met suit half open so that we could see your cleavage or sculpted chess is like riding a bicycle holding your helmet under your arm. It's just it does nothing. Cardiac. Odell Beckham was there were a ton of people there and I did it like people are itching to get outside. There have been some things that have been lifted, so you wanted to get out there and feel normal again and I'm I'm sure that she's so proud of this album, but I think like you know when you're newly pregnant and being around all of these people I just don't understand the logic with this lean awake. was there like every Winnie Harlow like? I'm so confused on this money. Make you a new. The album is called the album which is short for the album that gave everybody respiratory disease, so make sure. Chance congratulations on download the album, but I'm not going to parties like house parties. That's real aggressive. A great guys pay attention

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