Pruning to Reduce Size, Pine needles and Milkweed



People want to know, can I make this shrub or tree smaller, or maybe they've purchased a new home and they say this is too big, or this is out of control right or maybe they're supposed to be cutting these things down. I grew up in a family. My mother was a very good gardener actually, but my dad was in charge of the shrubbery, and he was one of those people who would just go out with the electric hedged Trimaran. Cut everything down to the height. He wanted it to be and when I became a professional gardener and told him this really was not the best thing for his trees and shrubs. He would pretend to let me do it my way I would go out there. I would prune the SHRUB correctly and the next time I came home. He had gone out with that hedge stripper again. He just could not give it up. Your parents have ties to the old country right? Yeah, he did anyway. My in laws were Italian. They came to this country after world. War Two and my father-in-law used to do the same thing and when I went to Italy, I realize Twi because a lot of the pruning that is done in these countries. They do that repeatedly. Even trees get either politics or or really cut back. Back hard all the time and the reason is there. Isn't that much space in most of their yards and gardens, and that was sort of an old way of dealing with plan. Let's let's take a second and explain what the Word Pollard means. When it comes to PR- tree-pruning because it's not something that's done here anymore. People might not know what it is, but if you ever look in one of those big coffee table books that show pictures of you know La's in Paris of trees in the wintertime. When you can really see the branch structure, you may find an example of polishing and what that is is when. Trees and shrubs primarily trees are pruned by just kind of a a topping cut, and so all the growth is cut back to a certain place, and they do this over and over every year, and what ends up looking like for the structure of the tree to me is always like a bunch of knuckles at the end of your hand like if you cut off your fingers, which would be a horrible thing to do at the first knuckle, and the the new growth comes out of that every year, but to correctly and healthily Pollard a tree. You need to keep up with that very specific type of pruning every season, and if you don't do that then. Where the new growth comes out of gets weak, and it can lead to breakage, so it's not something that people do here a lot, but it's interesting I. Never Thought about the reason for that being a popular technique in Europe being the space limitations properties were not as expansive right. I think that that's one reason that this practice came about however to get back to the question. Should I be cutting this back unless you're doing it every year, it's probably not a good idea just to hack a plant back. Would say not. Well, first of all it makes it. Look Right, so it doesn't. It doesn't have as attractive appearance. Second of all the plant is going to desperately try and replace what it's lost, and for trump's and trees, this leads to a whole bunch of straight up growth. The plant wants its leaves back. It wanted food factories back right and that's this is not a good time of year to be doing that anyway. This is the time of year when your tree should be storing energy. Maybe flowering, it's a flowering tree I think and I recommend, this is always my recommendation, although sometimes I do not follow my own advice. You! And if you are fortunate enough to be planting your own garden, just think about the mature size of your tree or your shrub before you buy it and I know that's hard to do. You've got this big empty space. You want it to look beautiful and full and green and lush right from the start, but you will regret it I promise you because that little blue spruce, that is so cute and four feet tall right now is going to be twenty four feet tall before you know it and. And if you don't site that properly the right distance from your house, not blocking a window. You'RE GONNA. Be Very sorry. You cannot win this battle against against Mother Nature. That tree or Shrub wants to be what it's going to

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