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With Moratorium Lifted, Houston Becomes Largest U.S. City Where Evictions Can Resume


Tenants behind on their ranch can be kicked out of their homes in Texas the state has lifted its moratorium on evictions some Texas cities are taking additional steps to protect renters many of whom of lost jobs because of the pandemic Houston is not one of them it's now the largest city in the United States were evictions can resume Elizabeth drove all of Houston public media reports before cove in nineteen life was good for Houston resident ridiculous all of the heck grandma taking care of her great job just going about my everyday living doing what I do wake up in the morning and say my prayers for my coffee then coronavirus hit everything out wow yeah it is like my life do you know that he would talk to me over the phone from her apartment where she lives alone she used to make money babysitting her granddaughter and niece that ended with covert nineteen and her eight hundred dollar disability check doesn't cover her monthly rent of nine hundred dollars she said her apartment manager warned her eviction notices are on their way nobody needs to be stressed out whether they're going to have a place to live today in the homeless to March I can't think like that right now you know I can't I can't think like that I'm not only I don't want to think like that people like you it are vulnerable now that the Texas Supreme Court lifted a ban on objections this week attorneys who work with low income clients are preparing for the worst Donna Carney works for Lone Star legal aid which provides free legal representation to low income Texans Carney expects more families on the streets in the months ahead and we anticipate that there will be a tsunami of affections files I have no doubt about it we are going to see homelessness nationally there's been a patchwork of protections in place for renters other statewide moratorium's are expected to expire in the coming weeks and unemployment is through the roof James roller is with the national housing law project forty percent of households under forty thousand dollars your income loss of job in March and since it's staggering to sort of like to try to get your head around what that means in practice ruler says there's still a federal moratorium on evictions through late July but that only applies to rental properties with federally backed mortgages and that that's only a third of all properties for now moratoriums and government assistance like expanded unemployment benefits have kept invitations at bay in cities like Houston but as these protections expire experts say a wave of evictions is on its way and with corona virus spreading roller says these evictions create a public health risk displacing people from their housing and sending them out looking for additional housing or sending them into homelessness a danger for all of us in Houston so many people applied online for the city's rental assistance program that it ran out of funding in just ninety minutes rejects you it was one of the lucky few who were able to submit an application but she's still waiting for final approval if the rent money doesn't come through she expects to be forced out of her home waiting in hope that if I do that I'll be able to get into a shelter among doctors who opened the door to the thing will open to the mall she would like many Americans will be at the mercy of friends and family when looking for a place to live for NPR news I'm Elizabeth Troy fall in

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With Moratorium Lifted, Houston Becomes Largest U.S. City Where Evictions Can Resume

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