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Hello and welcome to inside podcasting. This is a mini episode in which a special guest will speak with me of how to interview Cara Swisher. If you missed my original interview with Kara go back and listen to that first and then come back and listen to this behind the scenes episode. It'll make a lot more sense that way and with that I will introduce my special guest. Today he is the man who is on the phone with me dealing with my stress at the very beginning of last week's episode. My husband Dawn Pillsbury. Welcome to inside podcasting Dawn. Thank you sky. Feel like I've been waiting for this moment for the last two years have been living living living. The podcast living the dream and just been waiting for an invite to participate. So thanks for having me on board. I'm excited I think. I'm uniquely positioned to drive some insights out of this episode because I really was breathing and living it with you over the past. It seems like six to eight weeks. Now yes you have been and you've been sort of in the background this whole time and this is your here your fifteen minutes don well. I might be twenty but I'm looking excited to be in the foreground. Let's start with care. Swisher is a pretty good get. I would say for any podcast but especially a little podcast. Like inside podcasting. Can you just remind me and your listeners? Can how this came out sure. So I actually met Eric who I mentioned at the beginning of the interview with Eric is her producer and I think we exchanged email prior but I met him at podcast movement at some party that they were having and he gave me his business card and I remember. This is kind of funny. I am. I never keep business cards like people. Give me their business cards and to be honest I just. I'm not one of those people that's like. I don't have a Rolodex like I just figure we'll be able to get in touch with you over email or whatever but I kept his because I thought it would be amazing to have care on the show and having worked in technology and I even was at a party with her once in the nineties and even then I remember being like. Wow that is Cara Swisher. So she's just always loomed really large so when I met him there was no way I was going to give up that chance to pitch him and so when I got home I literally just I sent him an email and I was like. Do you think there's ever would ever be away that she would come on. And you know I gotTa say it was pretty easy I mean he got back pretty quick and she was in the middle of. She's about to have a baby and so we delayed in the interview for a little bit but aside from that I mean that was really the only roadblocks and and of course that was for a good reason while shows you that you just have to ask people sometimes and it might be easier to get a yes. Anybody thinks exactly well. Speaking of phone calls the phone call itself at the beginning of the episode is pretty hilarious. I had actually forgotten the you'd recorded it And when you played it for me the first thing in my mind was how annoyed I been. You had basically not listened to me and it wasn't just like last week. It was telling you for weeks that your battery was dying. So what was the very first thing that went through your mind when you realize that you couldn't start the car? Oh my God that I'm an idiot. I mean I of and of all days like to have that happen and I knew I had to call you because it even though you've been saying it over and over again like I guess it didn't really register until my car wouldn't start then I was like okay. He was he was being serious But luckily it all worked out. Thank God I was stressed in and sweaty when I got to her office but I made. Is there any chance that you'll start drinking more seriously? Now probably not will? Obviously you know. I've got a front row seat and I kind of feel like I'm in the room for putting this interview and really all your interviews together but this one particular We a lot about the some of the stories that she shared some of the things that she's done. You can obviously all those into the episode. Can you share a couple stories that you wanted to put in but yes there were some things that I did cut out for time sake and also I think when you are? I'm making a podcast that is targeted to you know. I'm hoping that the people who listen are like diehard fans of podcasts or podcasting themselves so I have to think about like what's important to them so because I grew up in and around the Silicon Valley. I've known of Cara for a long time and I knew that she had had political aspirations. She'd actually announced that she wanted to run for mayor At one point and so I her about that and I did think that her answer was interesting although her interest of like well we have a new mayor now and she's doing a good job and I wanna see how that goes. I want to get in the way of that but you know I still think it could have been interesting to leave an but the reason I took it out was because I just didn't see that that would be to someone who doesn't know Cara and he's only listening this because they want to understand the mind of someone who builds who's building a podcast You know that wouldn't be as relevant to them so I took it out for that reason. All that was a hard hard one to cut. So let's get to the interview itself. It's a great interview and there's so many stories that care has and she she just can't stop sort of talking about sort of the exciting things you've done to the people she knows but. I wonder if that make it tough for you because I know you had prepared a ton of questions and there's more than a couple times where care kind of cuts you off and starts going in a direction that she whether she wants to go there or not. She's going there. She owns all the land. Remember so what are you? How are you able to kind of adjust on the fly? When you're interviewing someone like Cara who can take over the conversation so that is a good question? I think I something going for me in that. I only brought in note cards and I think psychologically had no cards with like words on them rather than like questions written out which I sometimes do have when I'm doing an interview completely remotely and not seeing anybody even on a screen so I just had no cards. Which made me feel? I did it because I didn't want to be like this. Lame nerdy person. Who came in like all her like questions. Pretty sure not something that carrot does and might not respect so. I was like okay just look like a reporter and like just have my note cards and whatever but I think that the advantage of that was that made me feel much more loose loot sort of loosey-goosey like I kind of go with the flow. So and you know what I was also prepared for that because Kerris wisher is. That's her style like she she for people who was Rico decode. They definitely know like Edo. She just cut people off all the time. It's kind of like her in a way signature. I think it drives some people crazy. I know this actually because people have told these though but other people like me really enjoy it because I feel like she's just like this bulldog it's like you've just like let her out of Lake. Who knows where he's coming at? You and I love that about her so I didn't really mind it. I actually Kinda thought like Oh. I'm getting the real Keira you know but I I yeah I did have to pivot a little bit and I was okay with that. I was somehow survived it.

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