Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas as Protesters Resist China’s Grip

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Hong Kong's protests are back to retail districts a ruptured and demonstrations today after China's government announced. It would introduce an anti sedition law in the territory Anna Marie Evans. Reports police used water. Cannon and teargas as hundreds of demonstrators set fires and smashed traffic lights in a fast moving protest in the district of one giant Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island. Protesters chanted slogans such as stand with Hong Kong liberate Hong Kong and Revolution of our times and prominent activists. Tom Touchy was arrested for what police said was an unauthorized assembly last year. Hong Kong had six months of civil unrest due to a controversial extradition bill that was announced and then withdrawn by the government while the city has remained calm during the covid. Nineteen outbreak Friday's announcement. By djing of an anti sedition and anti-terrorism law is likely to result in summer of protests and violence

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