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Who say we put Joe Biden there because we want him to win


Timing matters a lot you're right we're six months away from election day time heals a lot of these types of rooms there's going to be a number of these types of issues that come up again I think the former vice president just passed away this the interesting thing is this week was actually a good week till yesterday's interview in terms of how he would appeal to African American voters if I'll call your ticket to the high profile hiring to create Jacques Pierre a former colleague of mine who I work with I'm in politics look at she's brilliant young Haitian American and political operatives who is going to be a senior adviser on the Biden campaign and so really along with just the embarrassment of yesterday but also over shined a really big moment for the campaign to demonstrate that they are doubling down on our commitment to bringing influential African Americans and that senior

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Who say we put Joe Biden there because we want him to win

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