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Glenn Written Brandon Buddha host. The elder signed podcast. Who came up with the idea of doing this type of podcast? Well that's a fantastic question. And I. I think that answer might change depending on on on the setting but I think like like so many good ideas this one was was born in a bar and I think we dared to to do it and and no one blinked and so so the show is show is now happening and I urge everybody to listen to the first introductory episodes really explains what you guys. You're going to be covering and you talk about the new weird Gr- you guys talk about it at length and have a great definition and I just hope people listened to that but what I really found interesting was talking about the twenties and thirties and HP lovecraft and so many great authors Robert Howard got their start writing for essentially what was called. I guess the old pulp magazines talk about that. That was probably the beginnings of of horror and science fiction. Maybe starting to get a foothold. The little bit yeah. A lot of these guys were just writing for money. They wrote a draft and mailed it out and hope to cop published then could buy can a can of meat in love grass case or whenever they needed to live on they were writing to live and they invented a lot of tropes that we now associate with weird fiction and horror and science fiction and it was all kind of one thing. It was just coming out of these magazines. That were that. Were just on racks. That people bought read on the train and so many of these writers. Just that's what they had. That's what they did. Lovecraft is notorious for kind of living a poppers life and mailing out these stories one after the other just writing prolifically and it was a kind of lifestyle and it was the big form of entertainment for a lot of people in the in the nineteen twenties and Nineteen Thirties. He I mean what lovecraft did you know really inspired so many authors after them and even screenwriters and directors frankly they they just took up the mantle that he started came up with so much interesting stuff and developed his own mythology to that we all know in love so yeah he was he was great. I gotta ask you guys about the The selection of the different stories that you cover and we'll go into some details but you have you know stories from Robert Block where it is or the moon remorse of course lovecraft and even a know Howard of course and and even some Some more recent writers as well talk about the selection process. Because there's a lot to choose from. Yeah we're really intent on covering the whole gamut of of Weird Fiction really broadly conceived of really from the beginning of modern literature modern publishing around the eighteen hundred or so up until today and one of our real interests is in charting the way that a different people in different societies and different ages and also around the globe have responded to the the tensions and even the the traumas of their historical contexts by writing weird fiction or horror fiction or science fiction to to be airing out the things about their own world their rapidly changing world many cases that they find unsettling and to do this as kind of a real comparison that I think will will really shed a lot of light on the way that this fiction can actually be used to tell us things about their societies and by contrast in people from one hundred fifty years ago with people who are writing today and the interim period and all the way in between I think will really shed some light on that.

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