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Coronavirus News: With NYC beaches closed, Nassau County beach will be resident-only


With the mayor declaring New York City beaches closed for Memorial Day weekend and beyond some people in the city may have their sights set on the beaches of Long Island but it sounds your own words Jones reports city folk will not be welcome on many of those speeches Nickerson beach on the south shore will be open this weekend but only to Nassau County residents county exactly lower current we've decided to you know for the interest of the health and safety of our residents to just limit people who go to napa county residents instead officials have also voted to keep their town beaches residents only and current expects other towns to follow suit mayor de Blasio a bit disappointed at the decision we can't open our beaches we cannot take the chance of a huge number of people congregating together I mean look at Coney Island on typical beach weekend other residents only ban does not affect state run Jones beach which will be open at fifty percent

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