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Younger workers hit hardest in the coronavirus job market


From March to April employment dropped by a quarter for workers twenty to twenty four years old quarter twenty five percent and sixteen percent for those twenty to twenty nine that compares about twelve percent of workers in their fifties that's just data and it it it makes sense but here's a day right young workers especially those without a college degree are particularly vulnerable in recessions they are new to the job market with little job experience and little to no seniority to protect them from Laos a large body of research along with the experience of those who came of age in the last recession ten years ago shows that young people trying to start their careers during an economic crisis right a lasting distant disadvantage their wages opportunities and confidence in the workplace may never fully recall recover there's a couple of things on this you're worth that's number one if you lose your job that can be a very very difficult thing mentally not only is it difficult Hey how are we going to recoup the these earnings not only is it difficult how are we going to hear a humming in a make make do I'm gonna pay for things not only that but your self worth goes down you may have a college degree you may not regardless how am I going to get that next job it is a huge weight and especially in your twenties many people of these goals and desires by thirty want to do this by forty I want to do this by fifty I want to do this which by the way having been there not to fourteen fifty yet but having been in a very competitive person somebody was very goals centered setting those goals there's nothing wrong with that I would encourage you doing that but also don't don't set them in stone where it's only I will only be happy if this happens because then one you're not enjoying the road you're not join the journey and then to you could be completely successful what if that one thing doesn't happen in your own mind you will become unsuccessful so just caution on that but knowing your worth so if you lose your job all of a sudden it goes from like okay I was here and I was doing this type of work and I was making this that's on the high you know what I'm not good enough these are blaming yourself and then it's I just I need a job it's not I'm here and maybe I'd like a better job would like to move up the ladder then it becomes I just need to get back to where I was and even that's difficult then maybe you're taking a job I need a job you take a job that's that's beneath your but if your experience for your

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