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U.S. Leads in Greenhouse Gas Reductions


Right now the state of Washington leads the world in carbon pollution reduction goals Corwin hate reports that's just one positive side effect of the shutdown but experts don't think it's going to last a study conducted by the global carbon project finds at the peak of the pandemic the world cut its daily greenhouse gas emissions by seventeen percent right now we're seeing drops in both carbon emissions as well as nitrogen dioxide George Washington University professor John health system the study shows the United States leads the world cutting its carbon dioxide levels by about one third and within the U. S. Washington and California each have cut more than forty percent of their emissions it's a welcome respite from the ravages of climate change but hell the stern cautions something similar happened during the last big economic slowdown after the two thousand eight financial crisis for example the government had introduced a lot of spending stimulus packages to stimulate the economy and actually lead to a increase animations that was potentially more than would otherwise have happened lead author on the study writes the current impact on overall climate change is negligible like you have a bath filled with water and you turn off the tap for ten

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