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Rain will linger south of Boston to this evening otherwise it'll be turning out partly cloudy tonight it'll be brisk and chilly will drop forty five downtown Boston tonight but which ones stay breezy and cool despite a good deal of sunshine I would just be fifty five in Boston but some of the western suburbs will reach the sixties all night we turn mostly cloudy again with chilly forty seven portal day clouds will limit sunshine overall to be a decent day but cool has a range of sixty in the coastal areas to seventy well limp or strange warm up for Tuesday clouds and sun with a high seventy six percent even warmer Wednesday with highs near eighty I'm accu weather meteorologist Frank straight WBZ Boston news radio right now it's fifty five degrees in Braintree sixteen Lawrence sixty two in Arlington and fifty four gray sky over Boston at three fifty five president trump is pushing for houses of worship but to re open this weekend in Massachusetts churches synagogues and mosques and

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Straight with the four day

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Hi this is Boston's news radio WBZ ten thirty the radio station

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