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Read and thunderstorms through Memorial Day


Sort their breezy and warm for this afternoon will hit about eighty five tonight some showers and thunderstorms rolling in late whether low in the upper sixties tomorrow looks like a rainy day should be fair early but showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon and about eighty five read and thunderstorms through Memorial Day this is K. and SS meteorologist Steve Hamilton fox news I'm Kathleen Maloney just in time for Memorial Day weekend gatherings of up to ten people permitted in New York governor Andrew Cuomo says the corona virus is still a threat we

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Read and thunderstorms through Memorial Day

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We got a four day forecast right now with meteorologist Dave Samuel so I'm

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In fact eighty six this afternoon is going to feel like it's closer to ninety

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News more often twenty First

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Couple showers and thunderstorms into tonight and early Saturday morning lows in the mid sixties

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This Google expressway ninety

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Traffic and weather first from

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Isolated afternoon thunderstorms developing

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Melissa Derosa, NASA And Cape Canaveral discussed on Coast to Coast AM

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Tomorrow low clouds and some fog in the morning then we'll stay mostly cloudy for the rest of the day

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