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Residual slowing from the belt parkway Westchester county N. Val hello it's an accident on spring brook parkway southbound at route one hundred seat on Long Island a crash cleared on sunrise highway eastbound inlet road east and the New Jersey and union of collision cleared on route twenty two eastbound at Morris Avenue still flowing from the garden state parkway in Clifton flooding has subsided on route twenty one all lanes open southbound approaching route three and fire department activity also cleared Paramus road open both ways through Paramus between century road and Midland Avenue the Lincoln tunnel center tube is closed and that the inbound calling title on twelfth street Jersey city approaching the told the left side is closed four right lanes are open in Paterson memorial drive now closed to pedestrian accident eastbound between Broadway and west Broadway I'm Tom Rogers talk radio seventy seven WABC now Deborah Valentine with the latest weather forecast now your forecast from at the Ramsey Subaru weather center rain this afternoon or

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